Alone | dir. Garrett Bradley | dop. Zac Manuel | prod. NYT Op Docs, Lauren Domino

What would it mean to marry someone behind bars?

Bloodthicker | dir. Zac Manuel | dop. Zac Manuel | prod. Chris Haney, Lauren Domino

In the shadows of their famous fathers, three young men fight to build upon their familial legacies while navigating the pitfalls of rap culture.

Closed to Interpretation | dir. Zac Manuel | dop. Justin Zweifach, Zac Manuel | prod. Lily Keber, MTV News

Residents make a complex, joyous political statement in New Orleans' Ninth Ward.

Painted Lady | dir. Zac Manuel | dop. Justin Zweifach | prod. Milo Daemgen, Chris Haney, Justin Fontenot

A portrait of strength in the face of the societal hypocrisy of 1902, New Orleans.

LIKE | dir. Garrett Bradley | dop. Zac Manuel | prod. Lauren Domino

In our current world, where worth is often gauged by online popularity, an online economy has developed for buying followers and likes.